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About Us

KrookedStitch started with a sewing machine and youtube. Now it’s a place where you can find the most unique one of a kind bags.

I grew up with grandmothers who loved to sew. My parents both grew up with handmade wardrobes. My great grandmother also had her own sewing shop, doing alterations and selling costumes in Sudbury. As a child, I only learned to hand stitch some pillows, and was reluctant to learn the sewing machine. At 26, my step son asked for a halloween costume that we could not afford at the time. My husband’s grandfather had a brand new sewing machine just sitting in the basement, and gave me the shove I needed to learn to sew his costume. So, I went and picked up some fabric, found a pattern for some scrubs and turned on youtube. He became Link from legend of Zelda.

First time sewing in 2011. The tunic and hat were handmade, the rest store bought.

From this point, I practised with free patterns online. Lots of trial and error later, and KrookedStitch was born in 2019.

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